(IP)- Iran has reached self-sufficiency in the production of airport refuelers.

Iran PressIran news: 'Refueler,' or airplane fueler, is a tanker that is used to refuel all kinds of airplanes.

Production of Refueler requires high technology.  

" Because of the sanctions imposed on Iran's aviation industry, an industrial group could domestically supply all airport refuelers through reverse engineering," said the supervisor of the Construction Engineering Organization, Navid Salimi.

Salimi stated that Iran is one of the four countries in the world that has achieved the technology of producing airport refuelers, adding that only the U.S., England, and Germany produce the airport refuelers, with India joining the countries enjoying the so-called technology.    

On the uniqueness of the tanker production, the Iranian engineer added that in several stages, the aviation experts, the aviation industry, and airline companies need to carry out several tests in order to issue permission for the tankers to inject fuel into the plane.


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