Iran's President held a meeting with Raul Castro, former Cuban president, during his visit to Cuba.

Iran PressAmerica: In a meeting with Raul Castro, the former president of Cuba, on Thursday evening, local time, during his visit to the country, Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said: "Today, the political relations between Iran and Cuba are at the highest level".

Referring to the progress and achievements of the Cuban Revolution, especially in the field of health, the President said, "This level of relations is a requirement that in other fields, including economic, technical, biotechnology, Medicine, pharmaceuticals and vaccine production we can witness the development of relations".

Raisi praised the patience, persistence and freedom-seeking spirit of the Cuban government and people against the unjust and unilateral US sanctions against the country.

He also emphasised the necessity of unity and like-mindedness of as many countries as possible to deal with the global arrogance, especially in the wake of the recent developments in the international stage and the transition from the current system to ta multilateral one.

During this meeting, Raul Castro praised the revolutionary struggles of the Iranian nation and their 44 years of standing against imperialism, and said, "Today, the era of unilateralism is over and we are transitioning to multilateralism". 219