Tehran (IP) - Iran’s policy is based on peace, friendship, and no war and violence in the region, the Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei said in his weekly presser.

Iran Press/Iran News: Answering Iran Press about Tehran’s policy after Trump fails in elections, Rabiei referred to the Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif's tweet saying that Trump goes seventy days later while Iran remains forever.

The spokesman said that despite the US imposed severe sanctions on Iran, Tehran will continue its policy based on peace and continue its economic trade to the benefit of people in the region.

“Trump could not ruin our culture, we have a common culture with neighboring countries, and that’s why we will continue our relationship with them,” he added.

The region's security must be maintained through the cooperation of the regional countries, Rabiei highlighted.

Hoping that Trump’s failure would create a better atmosphere, he added Iran invites all countries in the region to establish friendly relations with them to benefit all the neighboring countries.


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