Tehran (IP) - On Wednesday, Iran's Parliament's representatives condemned the opening of the embassy of Azerbaijan in the occupied lands of the Zionist Regime.

Iran PressIran news: Ahmad Amirabadi, Iranian MP read the statement of 210 representatives as follows:

The government of the Republic of Azerbaijan acted against the interests of the Islamic world and opened an embassy in the center of the Zionist regime and introduced its ambassador to the fake regime. In this regard, we, announce the following points:

1- This action of the Republic of Azerbaijan will have many negative political consequences against them. Later, the Muslims World world will consider them accomplices of the Zionist regime in the murder and crime against the oppressed Palestinians.

2- This action is considered against an oppressed country of the Islamic world, Palestine, and causes their inalienable rights to be violated, therefore, we request the Arab and Islamic governments and the Islamic world, especially the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Secretariat of the Islamic Inter-Council, and the representatives of the world's freedom-loving people to condemn this action.

3- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, while sending a statement to all Islamic countries, should take the necessary diplomatic steps.

The representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran expect the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan, together with the Islamic Ummah, while in the holy month of Ramadan, the oppressed people of Palestine are attacked, tortured, and oppressed in the worst ways by the fake Zionist regime, they take a position on this action of the government of Azerbaijan.


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