Tehran (IP) - The Minister of Communications and Information Technology emphasized that the current administration intends to promote the space industry to a favorable point with the cooperation of relevant institutions until the end of the current administration.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Eisa Zarepour, said that until the end of this administration term, we will try to put 1,000 kilograms of cargo in the 750-kilometer orbit.

 According to Iran Press News Agency, Eisa Zarepour, this morning on Wednesday, said that between January 2022 and January this year, we had 10 successful space launches.

Referring to the recent launch of a satellite into an orbit of 750 kilometers, this official stated that this was the tenth launch of a satellite in the current administration.

Iran successfully launched a satellite into a 750 km orbit from the earth by using the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp's Qaim 100 satellite carrier.

The Soraya satellite was placed in an orbit at 750 kilometers (about 460 miles) above the Earth's surface with a three-stage satellite carrier provided by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) named Qa'im 100.

Qaem-100 (Qa'im-100) is a homegrown satellite carrier designed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Division, capable of putting satellites weighing up to 80 kilograms into orbit 750 kilometers from the earth's surface. 


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Iran successfully launches Soraya satellite using Qa'im 100 carrier