Tehran (IP) - The Head of Iran's Legal Medicine Organization announced readiness to help Syria and Türkiye with issues relevant to the forensic areas.

Iran PressIran News: An earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale shook the south of Türkiye and the north of Syria on Monday morning.

Abbas Masjedi, the head of Iran's Legal Medicine Organization, sent two separate letters to his counterparts in Syria and Türkiye and expressed Iran's readiness to offer forensic medicine cooperation, including clinical examinations, autopsies, and laboratory services to the two quake-hit countries. 

Damascus criticizes UN for low help to quake-hit Syrians

The Director of Syria's Rescue and Urban Services Organization criticized the UN's low engagement in helping the Syrian people displaced because of the earthquake.

Raed Saleh said that thousands of Syrian families have become homeless and the UN has not provided the necessary assistance to help the quake-hit people.

Saleh noted: "The cities and towns of northwestern Syria are in urgent need of help; it has been three days since the start of the devastating earthquake in Syria and Türkiye that left thousands of people dead, and no aid has been offerred to northern Syria."

According to Al-Mayadeen, 298,000 people in Syria have left their homes because their houses were damaged and they were afraid of aftershocks.

Families have huddled in the cold rain, hitching tarps to make improvised tents, resting on bits of furniture pulled from the wreckage and lining up for shoes, blankets — anything available.

According to the Turkish and Syrian authorities, the death toll in the two countries nears 12,000 people, with predictions saying that the number of the dead will increase in the coming days. 

Due to US anti-Syria sanctions, many countries, including the European ones as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) have hesitated to provide Syria with humanitarian aid under such difficult circumstances. The US claims that the sanctions are against the Syrian government, yet the Syrian nation seems to be targetted in reality. However, Türkiye has recieved the international aid from different countries. 


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