The meeting of the Central Headquarters of Legal Support for Palestine was held on Oct.29, 2023, lambasting Israel's crimes.

Iran PressIran news:  Attending the meeting, the head of the International Law Association said: The world is witnessing the Zionist regime's crimes with the complicity of their Western allies against the Gazan people.

Yadollah Alizadeh said: This meeting should lead to a result and all the freedom-loving people of the world should stand up against Israel and its crimes. He stated: The world should condemn Israel's most heinous crimes against women and children in Palestine.

He clarified: An international conference of lawyers and legal organizations should be formed to condemn Israeli crimes. The legal deputy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps condemned these crimes and said: "The crimes of the Zionist regime are carried out with the support of the United States."

Sohrab Shamkhani, said: The Zionist regime's crimes must be pursued. Shamkhani added: Israelis are looters and history is witness to the looting and occupation of this regime. He concluded: The symbol of Western culture indicates the brutality of Israel.


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