In response to the official invitation of Iraqi Foreign Minister, Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs left for Baghdad at the head of a delegation.

Iran PressMiddle East: Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian will meet with the Iraq's President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Parliament, Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Chairman of the National Security Council.

Furthermore, Iran's top diplomat will hold talks with his counterpart and discuss the relations between the two countries and regional cooperation. 

Among the Arab countries of West Asia, Iraq has the most cultural and religious affinities with Iran.

Iran shares the longest border with Iraq among its neighbors (about 1258 km of land border and 351 km of water border).

These two countries also have racial, historical, linguistic, religious ties in common. Iran and Iraq also face similar threats while sharing common security and economic interests.

Expanding relations between Iran and Iraq in recent years has always been on the agenda of the authorities of the two countries due to the many cultural, political, and religious commonalities. 219