Tehran (IP) - The Minister of Economy and the economic spokesperson of the government announced the growth of economic indicators in the current government and said: The most important difference between the 13th government and the previous one is its approach to managing the country's issues.

Speaking at his weekly news conference, Dr. Ehsan Khandouzi said: "The most important achievement of the 13th government is changing this approach both in pursuing cases and solving people's challenges."

"Our situation in regional and international alliances is very good and the good news will appear," notes the spokesman.

He described the year 1401 as a year with two big challenges at internal and international levels and said: In that year, there were events in the domestic and international scene that the government could not succeed in reducing inflation. "The war in Ukraine caused global inflation. In countries that had negative inflation, the price of grain in these countries increased by 18-19%, and Iran was no exception to this rule."

The internal factor was the removal of the preferred currency. In the fall of 1401, we were faced with a full-scale war on currency, and the U.S. Treasury was day by day neutralizing each and every measure and policy of the central bank of Iran, and the government was trying to solve the currency problem, and inflation continued in the country in the second half of the year. But since the beginning of the current year, with active diplomacy, we have seen a decrease in inflation, Iran's economy minister added.

In the field of production, he said, "The government tried in the last two years to give the most help to the revival of production units and give them financial aid despite all the restrictions. Now we are in seventh world rank in steel production. This is while five of the top ten steel-producing countries in the world are facing a decrease in production.

"Oil production, according to Khandouzi, reached more than 3 million barrels per day despite the cruel sanctions."

The amount of oil sold in July is the highest compared to the last 5 years, Khandouzi said, adding, " After twenty years, the eleventh phase of South Pars was completed by Iranian engineers and technicians."

In investment, you also know that in the 1990s (2010s), investment had decreased a lot. With the beginning of the government, the priority was to get out of the zero investment trap, which was done in the first two years of the 13th government, and the economy grew by 6.7% last year, the minister added.


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