Tehran (IP) - The Islamic Republic of Iran's Army held a commemoration ceremony of the martyred president Ebrahim Raisi and his companions on Sunday, May 26.

Iran Press/Iran news: Devoted people in appreciation of the services offered by the late Iranian President and his companions participated in a ceremony hosted by the Iranian Army to honor their memory. 

Attending the event, the commander in chief of the army, Brigadier General Abdolrahim Mousavi said: "The world was shocked by Iran's great and graceful nation who expressed all their feelings and paid respects to service martyrs."Despite all the media conspiracies of the enemies, the presence of millions of Muslim people in the burial of these bodies proved that the great nation of Iran is alive and standing and moving forward with strength, Mousavi stated.

He added, "This is not the first time the Iranian nation has dealt with such obstacles."

Iranian Army commander, highlighting the upcoming presidential elections, said: "We would have presidential elections, and once again the Iranian nation will show that it will stand against the enemies."