Kabul (IP) - The Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan says discrimination-free governance and good neighborliness could help Afghanistan find its place at the regional and international level.

Iran PressAsia: Speaking at the Regional Contact Committee kicked off on Monday Hassan Kazemi Qomi said that governance without discrimination inside Afghanistan and peaceful coexistence with neighbors in the region are two essential factors in the progress of the region-oriented process, which will be welcomed by the region and beyond it.

Kazemi said that the first fruit of the practice is that Afghanistan would find its place in the region and the world's relations.

The Iranian Ambassador to Afghanistan stressed a regional consensus to counter the roots of extremism in Afghanistan and the region. 

He stressed that the member states of the committee should reach a consensus on the longstanding threats in Afghanistan, mostly formed during the US invasion of Afghanistan, including human and drug trafficking and extremism. 

Providing equal and non-discriminatory rights for social and political participation, work, and education for people from different walks of life regardless of gender, race, language, and religion, and managing environmental issues were other points the Iranian diplomat referred to in his proposal.

Kazemi said the first round of the regional committee aimed to ensure the security of the Afghan people and the country's neighbors to prioritize the fight against terrorism and terrorist organizations while being supported by the UN.

The Iranian envoy noted that his country believes that the popularity will be possible in case the Afghan government keeps regular consultation based on region-centric thinking, accepts the responsibilities of a successful model of governance, and achieves the satisfaction of all Afghan people.


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