Iran Ambassador to Beijing, Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh

Beijing(IP): The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Beijing announced that China would provide Iran with its new global positioning system called BeiDou.

Iran Press/Asia: In an interview with Chinese media, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Beijing, Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh, described the cooperation between Tehran and Beijing in various fields, including the fight against COVID-19, the design of a belt and a road, trade exchanges and friendly cooperation between the two countries. The payment.

Referring to China's progress in various fields, including communication technology, the Iranian ambassador said: "Tehran will cooperate with Beijing to provide the fifth generation Internet infrastructure in the country."

He said that the aerospace industry in China had made great strides, and the completion and the official launch of the Beido system is one of China's great achievements in this field; China's Beido system, as part of our new relationship with China, can lay a solid foundation for expanding new relations between the two countries.

Keshavarzzadeh stated: “China will provide Iran with " Beido " system, which is a new global positioning system.

BeiDou Navigation System (BeiDou) is China’s project to develop an independent satellite navigation system.


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