Tehran (IP) - Oil Minister Javad Owji on Monday expressed Iran’s readiness for exporting oil products and technical and engineering services to Nicaragua.

Iran PressIran news: The minister made the remarks in a meeting with visiting Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada, saying Iranian companies are prepared to help Nicaragua implement its refinery projects and provide it with equipment.

Iran’s 13th administration is keen to develop relations with Nicaragua in all fields, underlined Owji, adding he had good talks with the Central American country’s energy minister on supply of fuel and oil products and also exports of techno-engineering services during his recent visit to Managua.

Iran and Nicaragua have common views on the fight against global arrogance, said the oil minister, pointing out that the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the Nicaraguan Revolution took place almost simultaneously and are known as the “Twin Revolutions”.

Tehran-Managua ties have increased since the 13th administration took office, mentioned Owji, calling for forming technical and specialized boards to put bilateral agreements into action.  

Nicaragua’s foreign minister deemed the Iranian oil officials’ visit to his country necessary to put the agreements into practice.

Moncada said he would report to the Nicaraguan president on Iran’s considerable expertise and willingness to cooperate with his country in refinery projects.

He described refinery projects as vital to Nicaragua and added, “We are eagerly waiting for holding the joint commission’s meeting and using the technical know-how of Iranian experts in our refinery projects.”

The foreign minister said, “This is the fourth visit I have paid to Iran over the past two and a half years,” concluding Iran’s oil minister was briefed on Nicaragua’s oil industry and needs in the refinery sector during his visit, expressing hope the two sides will have good cooperation in this area.


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