IP- The head of the Planning and Budget Organization(PBO) pointed to the severe measures on the agenda in the field of energy and hoped for better regional relations as the country has begun the negotiations with neighboring countries, especially Turkmenistan."

Iran PressIran news:  According to the Petroenergy Information Network (SHANA), in an open session of the Parliament Massoud Mirkazemi, presented a report to the MPs, saying: "The situation in which the government is located is not appropriate, but we must redouble our efforts to overcome the problems.

In the field of energy, we have serious work on the agenda. We are seriously pursuing the sale of crude oil, and we hope to be able to establish the same relationship as we did following the negotiations we have begun with neighboring countries, especially Turkmenistan."

"Over the past eight years, there has been a tremendous growth in the country's spending," he said.

The head of PBO added: "Next year, with the least budget deficit and the best type of structure that everyone can be accountable for; we will modify the budget so that it is simple, observable and measurable."

Mirkazemi stressed: "Today, we are asked to pay every province we visit to pay them to work with that, but after this, this method will not continue and the commitments that exist in the 1400 budget for all sectors of the government will be emphasized."


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