President Raisi:

Tehran(IP)- The President said that Iran would not budge on the nation's rights in any meeting or negotiation, and the government will continue its efforts to improve the country and resolve the problems.

Iran PressIran News: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation named August 21 every year the International Day of Mosques; On this day, the Zionists set fire to Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied city of Quds.

Ebrahim Raisi, at the 17th meeting of World's Mosque Day, which was held this Sunday morning at the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communications, said that today's media empire is the tool of the enemy to instill despair in society and to alienate people from religion and values and the ideals of the revolution and the system of the Islamic Republic.

He added: "On the other hand, the Leader of the revolution has raised the flag of hope, and mosques, as centers of hope, play a significant role in expanding the discourse of leader in society."

Raisi emphasized the need for a timely and convincing answer to the doubts in the society and noted: "You, the respected Friday prayer leaders, in addition to offering prayers and spreading religious knowledge, can remove the doubts created for the people and untie the mental knots of the society in the mosques, for; If the doubts and insinuations of the enemy remain unanswered in people's minds, social capital and public trust will gradually erode."

Continuing his speech, the president talked about the government's activities and actions in the past year in the field of curbing the coronavirus, developing the neighborhood policy, creating balance in foreign policy, increasing foreign trade, improving the strategic reserves of essential commodities, and at the same time striving for self-sufficiency and diversifying the sources of entry of essential commodities. He pointed out and said: "The government, with the support of the people, was able to take a big step in protecting the lives and health of the people, and at the same time pursue the development of the national economy and the increase of investment in large national projects without borrowing from the central bank or creating money."

"In another part of his speech, the President considered the presence of the people in various arenas and scenes to be the most important component of the Islamic Republic's power and acknowledged: "Thank God, our country has power that relies on the people, and the efforts of the people's government have been based on the fact that such power can be used well to benefit the nation."

Raisi emphasized that despite the sanctions and threats, the government will continue the work seriously, adding:" I say with belief and accurate knowledge of the capacities and capabilities that the future is bright for the country. Today, the war is a war of wills, and the Iranian nation has determined to defeat its enemies, and the Almighty God will surely help the Iranian nation."

Stating that with the honorable approach of the people's government, we have received a significant part of our demands from some countries, the president clarified: "We will not neglect the rights of the nation in any meeting and negotiations, the government will try to improve the country and resolve the problems with strength. will continue We will not tie people's lives to any external factor and will diligently pursue solving the problems of the country and people."

In another part of his speech, Raisi advised the Friday Prayers Leaders to strengthen the relationship with different sections of the people and said: "A close relationship with the people is part of the foundations of the revolution and the Islamic Republic system. Being among the people and directly listening to their words and concerns is a success for all of us. I have said many times that those who criticize us for being among people on provincial trips have not understood the joy of being with people."

Emphasizing the necessity of continuing the government's provincial trips, the president added: "We will definitely continue the provincial trips and the second round of these trips will begin shortly. We are and will be from the people and with the people, and by God's grace and by relying on our slogan, the country's problems will be solved."

Raisi explained the importance of the status of mosques in society and clarified: "For people who have suffered social anxiety for any reason, the mosque is a place for them to relax and a refuge for the hopeless."


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