Tehran (IP) – Criticising westerners' approach regarding human rights, the Iranian Judiciary chief said that Iran should be demanding in the field of human rights.

Iran PressIran News: At a meeting of the High Council of the Human Rights, Gholam-Hassan Mohseni-Ejeie stated that the Westerners are trying to turn one of the strengths of the Islamic Republic of Iran over the protection of human rights into a weakness and the focus of their attacks.

He noted that the teachings and definitions of Islam regarding human beings and human rights are not found in any other school.

The Iranian judiciary chief referred to the issue of blatant human rights violations by Westerners and their false claims in this regard and said: "Those who have sometimes strayed from their human nature and have not been exaggerated if referred to as predators, are now defining humanity and human rights for other nations."

"Today, human rights claimers commit the most heinous crimes against humanity, displacing oppressed people around the world through their conspiracies, aggressions, and occupations; they kill the oppressed people, destroy the infrastructure of their countries, and wage wars between countries to boost their arms sales," he concluded.


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