Tehran (IP) - The head of the Iran-Malaysia parliamentary friendship group called for expanding consular and judicial cooperation between the two countries.

Iran Press/Iran News: "Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi," the head of Iran-Malaysia parliamentary friendship group, on Tuesday during a meeting with Rostam Yahya Malaysian Ambassador in Tehran, recalling the importance of parliamentary relations between the two countries and said: Iran-Malaysia Parliamentary Friendship Group is ready to strengthen parliamentary relations between the two nations for the benefit of the two nations.

The head of the Iran-Malaysia Parliamentary Friendship Group, referring to the great potential of the two countries in the field of manufacturing medical, pharmaceutical, scientific and research equipment, added: The development of cooperation in these areas and other issues of mutual interest has a significant role in securing the trade and economic interests of Iran and Malaysia.

Rostam Yahya also said: "Malaysia has a special interest in developing relations with Iran and welcomes the strengthening of talks between the representatives of the two countries' parliaments."

The Malaysian ambassador to Iran also said that trade is an important part of the two countries' cooperation, which has faced challenges with the Corona outbreak, adding: "The two countries must have coherent planning for the post-Corona period."


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