Photographer: Morteza Salehi

Isfahan (IP) - The primary and operational phase of the 11th aerial exercise of Fadayeeyan Hareem Velayat 1402 (2023) kicked off in Isfahan.

Iran PressIran News: Brigadier General Hamid Vahedi, Commander of the Air Force of Iran's Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, called the vital message of the exercise are friendship, peace, tranquility, and security in the region.

The exercise, as per General Vahedi, was launched in two directions boosting combat capabilities and establishing a fitting model for combat scenarios. This objective was accomplished through the deployment of both manned and unmanned aircraft.

During his announcement, he outlined the goals of the drills, which included promoting sustainable security, cementing regional development and relationships, practicing good neighborliness, and protecting Iran's air borders.

The main phase of the 11th exercise of the air army of the Islamic Republic of Iran began by the order of the commander of the Army Air Force, Hamid Vahedi, in Isfahan, Shahid Babaei Air Base.

Alireza Rudbari, the spokesman for the 11th exercise of the air army, said: After the deployment of fighter jets and drones from the air force bases of Isfahan, the methods of countering the attacks of the hypothetical enemy targets using modern tactics were carried out in a controlled manner.

He added: In addition to the base of Shahid Babaei, Shahid Lashkari of Tehran, Shahid Nojeh Hamadan, Shahid Doran of Shiraz, Shahid Yasini of Bushehr, Shahid Abdul Karimi of Bandar Abbas, Shahid Vahdati of Dezful, Shahid Fakuri of Tabriz, Shahid Habibi of Mashhad, Shahid Hosseini of Birjand and Shahid of Delhamed of Chabahar are directly and indirectly participating in this exercise.

Effective presence of Air Force UAVs in Fadayeeyan Hareem Velayat aerial exercise

The spokesperson of the exercise said: The air force drones have a wide, powerful and effective presence in the exercise.

Brigadier General Alireza Rudbari stated that in the main stage and the operational phase of the exercise, drone combat, reconnaissance and electronic warfare operations will be carried out with the participation of the Air Force drones. They destroy the enemy's vital targets.

He added: In the implementation of this phase of the exercise, the Air Force's manned and unmanned aircraft with electronic warfare systems have been deployed using the most up-to-date electronic warfare techniques. While disabling the defense systems of the enemy forces, they provide a safe path for the implementation of drone operations.


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