Rome (IP) - On the occasion of the International Mother Language Day, a webinar was held in Rome, Italy's capital, with the theme of examining the history, current situation, and prospects of teaching Persian and Italian language and literature in Iranian and Italian universities.

Iran PressEurope: The webinar was held on Saturday at the initiative of the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Rome and within the framework of a series of programs on the 160th anniversary of Iran-Italy relations.

Mohammad Taqi Amini, the Islamic Republic of Iran's cultural attaché in Rome, said in the webinar: "Teaching and learning Persian and Italian languages ​​are the key to the comprehensive cultural relations between the two cultures and the rich and ancient civilization of Iran and Italy."

Juraslava Romanova, Head of the Cultural and Press Department of the Italian Embassy in Tehran, praised the Cultural Counselor's initiative in Rome for contribution in holding this webinar that comprehensively introduced Iran's culture and Italy and the Italian language.

She also explained the Italian school activities in Tehran and the Italian language and literature chairs at the Islamic Azad University in Tehran.

In addition to face-to-face and virtual courses held by the Iranian cultural institute in Rome, other Persian language and literature courses are held in Italian universities like La Sapienza, Bologna, Palermo, and Cagliari. 

Meanwhile, Italian language and literature are taught in the Italian school of Tehran University.

Also, every year, several books are translated from Persian into Italian and vice versa.


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