Tehran (IP)- Researchers at the Royan Research Institute have made a groundbreaking discovery in the field of cancer treatment.

Iran PressIran news: The use of oncolytic viruses (OV) has shown promising results in targeting and destroying cancer cells while sparing healthy cells.

Mehdi Tootoonchi, a respected member of the Faculty of Genetics at Royan Research Institute, explained that oncolytic viruses are specifically designed to infect and lyse cancer cells. These viruses replicate within the cancer cells, causing them to break down and ultimately be eliminated by the body's immune system.

This innovative approach offers new hope for patients battling cancer, as it provides a targeted and effective method of treatment. The use of oncolytic viruses represents a significant advancement in the fight against this devastating disease.

The research conducted at Royan Research Institute has opened up new possibilities for cancer treatment, offering a ray of hope to those affected by this illness. With further studies and clinical trials, this virus-based therapy could potentially revolutionize the way we treat cancer in the future. 219

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