Jun 30, 2020 16:23 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 07, 2020 22:44 Asia/Tehran]

Rasht (IP) - Iran's Vice President for Science and Technology, Sorena Sattari on Tuesday paid a visit to the exhibition on technology and technological products of Gilan University in Rasht, northern Iran.

Iran PressIran News: More than 40 technological products, Coronavirus prevention products, achievements of research, and development units located at Gilan University are exhibited in the exhibition of technological achievements and products.

In addition to visiting 40 selected technology products, Sattari, in a meeting with the managers of manufacturing companies and technologists said: "The significant progress of Gilan University in the field of technology is commendable."

The Vice President for Science and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that the main goal of education is to solve the problems of the people and society and expressed hope that the launch of the Innovation Center of Guilan University will create a place for creative students to come up with ideas.

Gilan University Innovation Center No. 1, with an area of 1800 square meters, will be put into operation with the support of the Vice President for Science and Technology of Iran. Innovation Center No. 2 of this university with an area of 2100 square meters is being built by one of the charities of Gilan province. 104/207

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