May 31, 2020 11:38 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 06, 2020 14:54 Asia/Tehran]

Ilam (IP) - Ilam Province in western Iran, which inherited Ilam Civilization at the beginning of the third millennium BC, has long had a variety of handicrafts and the province is well known for its carpets, rugs, and kilims.

Iran Press/Iran News: The Embossed Kilim is one of the indigenous products of Ilam weavers. Today, over 4,000 weavers are involved in weaving embossed kilim in the city. 33 fields of handicrafts are pursued across the province involving 8,000 artisans. The province has 10,000 skilled weavers in general.

Kilim weaving, rug weaving, and black tent (simple texture woven from goat's hair) weaving are among the important industries and handicrafts of the Ilam Province.

Due to the historical antiquity of kilim weaving in Ilam and the special variety and skill of Ilam's artists in the weaving of the Embossed Kilim, Ilam province has become the center of this handicraft in Iran.

The kilim of Ilam has been registered as a national heritage and is one of the most important export products of the province.

Ilam has also been registered as the ‘National City of Embossed Kilim’ and handicrafts have provided predominant means of livelihood for the inhabitants of Ilam since ancient times,.

The products are sold in neighboring provinces and exported to Germany, the US, Japan, and Persian Gulf littoral states among other countries.


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Feb 03, 2020