Apr 01, 2020 14:31 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 30, 2020 21:41 Asia/Tehran]
  • Head of Iran Pasteur Institute, Alireza Biglari
    Head of Iran Pasteur Institute, Alireza Biglari

Tehran (IP) - Head of Iran Pasteur Institute in an exclusive interview with Iran press has said that mass production of diagnostic kits makes the country ready to fight COVID -19.

Iran PressIran News: In a video conference held at the Health Ministry, Head of Pasteur Institute of Iran Alireza Biglari in response to Iran Press correspondent’s question stated that most of the produced kits can be used for 3-5 hours but due to a large number of samples (more than 20000) and lack of enough human resources, responding time will be 24-28 hours across the country.

"Right now by producing mass amount of kits in Iran and getting enough information about the virus and trained staff, we are more prepared to act better and also try to implement all our capacities by deploying experts and trained staff to diagnose the disease both inside the country and in the regional countries in need," Biglari added.

Referring to the lastest measures done by this institute, Biglari noted: "Two months before the virus outbreak in the country, the Pasture institute has been practicing on the methods of how to cure the COVID-19 though having less information about it. Pasture Institute has many labs across the country to diagnose the virus with a solid and united method and standard protocol, while many developed countries have been unable to  diagnose the virus.” 

He further noted: “Iran by depending on its youth and knowledge has invented a method of diagnosing the disease, though being under threat and tough sanctions. This achievement is significant while the country has faced threats and sanctions. This achievement also lessens the threat of our medical staff to be infected while working. Pasture Institute's labs have reached 90 across the country, and the amount of testing will soon reach 20 thousand in a day which not only would meet the country's needs, but also the regional countries who are challenging the disease."


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