Apr 01, 2020 09:42 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 30, 2020 21:41 Asia/Tehran]

Ilam (IP) - The beautiful and tourist-friendly village of Ganjeh is located 50 kilometers east of Ilam.

Iran PressIran news: The beautiful and tourist-friendly village of Ganjeh, 50 kilometers east of Ilam, on the slopes of  'Kan Seifi peak', is the highest peak of Kabir-Kuh mountain range; which is considered as one of the most pristine places to visit.

However, on this year's Nature Day, Ganjah is not hosting any Nowruz travelers and tourists.

The 13th day of Iran Nowruz holiday has been called as the nature Day or Sizdah Bedar (lit. Thirteen Outdoor) when the people usually go to nature with their family members however this year due to COVID-19 outbreak this ancient tradition can not be observed in Iran.

Iranians' sightseeing on Nowruz's 13th day is considered the largest gathering in the world, with special celebrations and rituals taking place on this day rooted in history and ancient times.

The Iranian people in different historical periods regarded Nowruz as a celebration of creation and the beginning of existence and they considered the 13 of Fardavardin as a very happy and auspicious day marking the end of it.


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