Mar 21, 2020 16:33 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 02, 2020 14:49 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP)- A few groups of Basij (Literally means youngers who serve volunteer), with 300 members are active all over Tehran for volunteer activities in fighting covid-19.

Iran Press/Iran News: Tehran's mosques are turned into Basij bases after the coronavirus outbreak.

Martyred Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani's team with 300 members has started their activities in all Tehran's 22 districts.

Qamar Bani Hashem Mosque in the east of Tehran is one of these bases which is active in producing masks. In this procedure, the necessary materials are bought and distributed among volunteers to be sowed.

During the upcoming 24 hours, they get ready and collected by team members and are transferred into the mosques again then they are sterilized and packed carefully.

This procedure is repeated every day and will be continued until the coronavirus crisis is neutralized.

These masks are prepared by full coordination of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, which are distributed in hospitals and treatment centers in need.

These activities are done not only in Tehran but also in all provinces, and volunteers prepare and distribute antibacterial gels and masks among people.


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