Mar 10, 2020 18:01 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 14, 2020 01:59 Asia/Tehran]
  • International Institutions blind eye Indian Muslims
    International Institutions blind eye Indian Muslims

In response to the worrying situation of the Muslims in India, the Pakistani Foreign Minister called for the international community to be held accountable for Indian Muslims.

Iran Presscommentary: Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi said the rights of Muslims and religious minorities in India are being blatantly violated, but the international bodies as well as Western countries trumpeting their advocacy of human rights and are turning blind eye vis-a-vis Indian Muslim's suffering.

Pakistan's foreign minister said the approach taken by the New Delhi government towards Muslims shows that its policies are moving towards a dangerous point in which Muslims are openly attacked and killed.

In their recent violence, Hindu extremists have killed more than 50 Muslims and injured hundreds more in protest against the Indian Citizenship Act.

Protesting the silence and disregard of international bodies over the Indian Muslims' issue is a timely and appropriate measure. In recent weeks, New Delhi has witnessed record-breaking violence by Hindu extremists against Muslims, but none of the influential global and regional institutions have responded to these atrocities and done nothing decisive.

The surprising silence and somewhat green light to extremists in New Delhi are believed by many to be a well-organized and deliberate act of violence against Muslims in India, the source of which is the Indian government and its policies.

A college professor of Brown University Ashutosh Varshney writes in Foreign Policy that New Delhi's events are a hallmark of an organized program and it can be said that this behavior of Hindus is directly related to Narendra Modi's extremist approach. He remarks that in 2002 when Modi was the governor of the state more than 1,000 people were killed in religious protests in Gujarat, most of them were Muslims.

Although international human rights organizations, do not have an excellent track record of defending the lost rights of Muslims in India and elsewhere, New Delhi's frequent anti-Muslim measures, as well as the fear of Indian Muslims being stripped of their citizenship or massacred by extremists in New Delhi, have created the expectation that these international bodies will fulfill their historical responsibility.

Firing at least 10 mosques and destroying Muslims' holy places in India are some of extremist Hindus' pugnacity to Islam in recent days that according to the eyewitnesses, the Indian security forces and police have just watched and not prevented the extremist Hindus' lethal attacks on the Muslims.

It should be said that the silence of international bodies over the violence against Muslims in India is a bitter reality that shows despite the world's awareness of the organized violence against the Indian Muslims, there is no will in the Western countries and international institutions to stand for defending the Muslims.

This treatment of human rights organizations is, on one hand, due to their dependence on the centers of power and wealth in the West and, on the other hand, originates from the silence of Islamic countries and the world's public opinion.

Therefore, in such circumstances, it is first and foremost expected that the Islamist groups in India and abroad as well as Islamist governments take legal action to inform New Delhi of the consequences of its aggressive anti-Muslim policy.

The world should understand that the Muslim protests in India are not the result of interventions by neighboring Muslim countries, but rather a reaction to the violation of the most fundamental rights of nearly 200 million Muslims in India that must be addressed.


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