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Rasht (IP) - Younes, known as Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali was born in 1878 in the Ostad-Sara neighbourhood in Rasht.

Iran PressIran news:  Mirza Kuchack Khan was the founder of a revolutionary movement based in the forests of Gilan in northern Iran, known as the Nehzat-e Jangal (The Jungle Movement). The forest movement was a popular uprising that took place in one of the most sensitive periods in Iranian history.

He was also a combatant for the Constitutional Revolution. He joined the Liberation Movement in Gilan in 1911 to help the Constitutional Revolution. This uprising started in 1914 and remained active against internal and foreign enemies until 1921 when the movement was completely abandoned after the demise of Mirza Kuchak Khan.

Mirza Kuchak Khan finally passed away on Dec. 2, 1921, in high mountains in Talesh, Gilan. The tomb of Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali, is located in the south of Rasht in Suleiman-Darab neighbourhood.   207/211

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