Nov 30, 2019 16:36 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 06, 2020 14:46 Asia/Tehran]

Iran's Navy Commander said that all of the army's submarines are equipped with the domestically-made missile 'Jask-2'.

Iran Press/Iran news: On the sidelines of Iran's Navy achievements exhibition on Saturday in Tehran, Iran's Navy Commander, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said that the domestically-made missile is launched by the submarines from the bottom of the Sea.

He said that the exhibition showcases the equipment manufactured by Iran's Navy within the past year, including the Jask-2 missile, Iran Press reported.

Jask-2 submarine project involves a combination of missile, torpedo, as well as communication and fire control system acting together to hit the enemy's surface targets.

The ability to inflict heavy blows and increase the psychological pressure on the enemy, as well as to secure the offshore areas of the enemy's interest, is part of the capabilities the Iranian Navy will enjoy with the submarine.

Admiral Khanzadi pointed out to the joint military drill by Iran, Russia, and China in the Indian Ocean, noting that the drill aims to achieve collective security and contribute to the consolidation of the security in the northern region of the Indian Ocean which is witnessing piracy these days.

The non-rotary three-dimensional guided missile system, known as 'Eagle Eye', Optimized Fire Control System 'Samen 2', False Target System of 'Torpedo' and 'Pelican UAV' are new achievements of the Iranian Navy made entirely by Iranian specialists, which were unveiled on Saturday.


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