The spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the cessation of war in the Gaza Strip and the implementation of a referendum in the occupied Palestinian territories are the only solutions to establishing peace in this region.

Iran PressIran news:  The spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Kanani, in a message on the "X" social network on Thursday, wrote: "The recent positions announced by the cabinet and the Knesset (Parliament) of the Israeli regime regarding the opposition to the formation of an independent Palestinian state, once again revealed the face and nature of the Zionist regime's greed, belligerence.

In a post on X, Kanaani stated that the occupation's rejection of an independent Palestinian state is further evidence of its warmongering. 

The senior Iranian diplomat Nasser Kanaani denounced on Wednesday the Israeli occupation's genocidal nature evident by its vehement rejection of the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

He remarked that it reveals the fallacies in their false speech calling for peace and resolution and shows that it will always neglect Palestinians' right to self-determination. 

Kanaani stating that most of the globe's nations support the establishment of a Palestinian State, added:  "The Islamic Republic of Iran and other freedom-loving and right-seeking countries and nations also support the demands and rights of the Palestinian people, which have been ignored for more than 7 decades."

He added: "The Palestinian nation and resistance, with insight and awareness regarding the sinister goals of the Zionists, consider the only solution to the Palestinian crisis to be the realization of the will of the Palestinian nation through the formation of an independent state with holy Quds as its capital."


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