Amir-abdollahian felicitates Haniyeh over resistance's recent victories

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Minister congratulated the recent victories of the Resistance axis in a telephone conversation with Hamas political bureau chief on Monday night.

Iran PressMiddle East: Various areas of the Gaza Strip witnessed a new round of criminal attacks by Israel from Friday evening to Sunday night.

By firing hundreds of rockets, the 'Quds Battalions' military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement took action and responded to the Zionist attacks.

Resistance forced Israel to agree to a ceasefire on Sunday night after failing to stop the rocket attacks of the Resistance in Gaza.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Iranian Foreign Minister, honored the dignity of the martyrs of the Resistance in a telephone conversation.

Amir-Abdollahian called the Zionists' crime of killing Palestinian women and children a sign of desperation and weakness.

The Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran appreciated the positions of Ismail Haniyeh in maintaining the unity of the Resistance groups and described this unity as a great success.

" It is a great achievement that once again the Resistance was able to stand against the vast military power of the Zionist enemy and force them to accept the ceasefire based on terms of the Resistance within two days," Iran's FM said.

"Amir- Abdollahian" further stated that it is remarkable that in this battle, only a part of the Resistance was against the enemy. It is an outstanding achievement that showed the weakness of the Zionists more than in the past.

In this telephone conversation, the head of the political bureau of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" while appreciating the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran, stated that the Zionist enemy was trying to impose its equations on the Palestinian people and the Resistance in the Gaza Strip, but faced with the Palestinian people's heroic Resistance.

"Ismail Haniyeh" emphasized that the recent victory of the Resistance front has opened a new chapter in the confrontation between the Palestinian Resistance and the Zionist regime.

"With the help of God, we are determined to continue this jihad until the final victory, " He added.

In the end, the head of the political bureau of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, "Hamas," conveyed the warm greetings of the Palestinian people to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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