An official for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) warned that its members would resume their fight against Israel following the latest bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip if their high-ranking officials were not released.

Iran PressMiddle East: The warning on Monday underscored the divergent narratives put forth by PIJ and the Zionist regime's officials in the wake of a tenuous truce that began Sunday night and paused three days of Israeli bombardment of the coastal Palestinian enclave, which killed at least 45 Palestinians including 16 children.

PIJ has responded by firing rockets into southern occupied Palestinian territories.

Islamic Jihad spokesman Khaled About Hait told Al Jazeera the current ceasefire was based on a clear agreement that Israel would release two high-ranking members: Khalil Awawda within the day, and Sheikh Bassem al-Saadi within two weeks.

“We have a very clear decision that without releasing Khalil Awawda and Bassem al-Saadi there will be no ceasefire agreement,” he said from Beirut, Lebanon.

“That will be a break of the agreement from the Israeli side, and the fight will be continued,” he added, accusing Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid of launching the attack to gain support ahead of upcoming elections.

The Zionist regime’s Internal Security Minister Omer Bar Lev earlier told Israeli media the agreement did not include the release of PIJ prisoners.

Israeli forces launched what they described as “pre-emptive” raids on Gaza after arresting al-Saadi last week, saying the attacks were meant to prevent retaliation from the PIJ. International observers, including UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanez, have said the tactic undermines Israel’s regular claim of self-defense.

On Monday, fuel shipments and humanitarian aid began arriving in the impoverished coastal region, after the Zionist regime reopened major crossings closed ahead of its attack. The enclave, home to more than two million Palestinians, has been subject to an Israel-imposed land, air, and sea blockade since June 2007.

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