Tehran (IP)- Ali Akbar Ahmadian, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), discussed the meeting with Iraq's National security adviser Qasim al-Araji in Tehran on Sunday and discussed bilateral issues and how to fully implement the security agreement between the two countries.

Iran PressIran news: The Iraqi national security advisor arrived in Iran today.

According to the Iran-Iraq joint security cooperation agreement signed in Baghdad last March 19, Iran insists that according to this agreement, Iraq must disarm the separatist terrorist groups on the common border.

The secretary of SNSC called the Iran-Iraq security agreement a guarantee of the security of the borders of the two countries and a reasonable and appropriate road map to eliminate insecure components in the two countries and the region and called for the strict and complete implementation of this agreement.

Qasim al-Araji, the national security adviser of Iraq, emphasized to implementation of the Iran-Iraq security agreement and said: We will welcome and use every opportunity to develop and deepen relations with Iran.


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