Commentary: Iran determined to peruse talks seriously

Tehran (IP) - Iranian President on Saturday stressed at the meetings of the Iranian missions abroad that If the other side is determined to lift the oppressive sanctions against Iran, a good agreement would be reached, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is definitely after a good deal.

Iran PressCommentary: While referring to strategies of the Islamic Republic of Iran for foiling and lifting the sanctions, President Raisi said: "Some used to say that the Islamic Republic of Iran would negotiate and some others claimed that Iran would not participate in the negotiations seriously or it does not any plan for it at all."

"However, Islamic Republic of Iran attended the negotiations with honor and dignity and by offering the proposed drafts showed that Iran is serious in negotiations," Raisi said.

Raisi on Vienna talks: Path is clear for reaching an agreement

After several days of political consultations, a new round of the JCPOA Joint Commission meeting resumed on Thursday, December 10, 2021, at the level of the chairmen of the P4+1, EU, and Iran negotiating delegations.

Although some analysts have criticized Biden's administration for reaching an agreement in Vienna, some have predicted that the current talks will not get a comprehensive conclusion. However, some believe there is still an opportunity to reach an agreement.

This week in Vienna, discussions about the proposed drafts of Iran continued at various levels. This shows what happened after the return of the delegations from their capitals, is that the other side, unlike last week, has recognized Iran's demands and drafts. The other side has retreated from its stubborn and unrealistic position.

Iran FM deputy meets senior European negotiators

However, the political movements and media atmosphere before and during the Vienna Talks show that, in addition to the main parties to the talks, others also try to influence the positive atmosphere of the talks.

The movements of Israel and the travels between Washington and Tel Aviv are significant in this regard.

 At the same time as the Israeli Minister of War's visit to the United States, the Israeli media claimed that during this visit, it was agreed that a joint exercise between the United States and the Zionist regime would be held to prepare and exercise attack on Iran's military facilities.

The media also falsely reported the US deadline for Iran to conclude the talks quickly. In a joint statement before the start of the seventh round of negotiations on November 29 in Vienna, France, Germany, and Britain expressed concern over what they called "Iran's systemic nuclear tensions."

These movements and smearing campaigns showed that a current which is dissatisfied with the progress and result-oriented talks in Vienna intends to destroy the atmosphere of negotiations in any way possible by smearing and threats.

However, the atmosphere outside the negotiating room cannot undermine the Iranian delegation's determination to reach an agreement that guarantees the rights and interests of the Iranian people.

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As "Ali Bagheri Kani," the senior negotiator of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has emphasized in the negotiations with the P4+1 group, Iran will not accept anything less than the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

The Iranian delegation is present in Vienna with a very high capacity and power and, with a professional approach, is focused on advancing the talks as much as possible. Therefore, if the negotiations progress and the other party's goodwill are proven, Iran is ready to continue the talks whenever necessary.

Jamshid Amin Zadeh


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