Vienna (IP) - Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister and top negotiator in Vienna, pointed to the serious atmosphere inside the talks in Vienna and said that he's optimistic about reaching an agreement, but given the unpleasant record that the Iranian nation has on the other side, the Iranian negotiators will certainly not be naive.

Iran PressIran news: Explaining the atmosphere inside the talks in Vienna, Ali Bagheri Kani told IRIB: "The atmosphere inside the talks is very serious, but while respecting each other and with the view that the parties want to reach an agreement, from the day we arrived on November 29th, this atmosphere has been dominating the dialogue room."

He went on to say that each side defends its own positions and brings its own arguments and pursues the interests of its own side and continued: "The talks have been formed in several areas in the six rounds that were before and this round that we are continuing now. In some of these issues, agreements have been reached in part, but in many, there has been no complete and comprehensive agreement yet."

Iran's chief negotiator cited an example: "For example, an agreement has been reached between the two sides on nuclear measures, but in this regard, there are still issues from the 6th round of talks that have not been agreed upon yet, and negotiations will continue."

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Bagheri Kani further referred to the talks of this round, saying: "We are the inheritors of a series of efforts that were made in the first half of this year. When the new government was formed, it was natural for it to have different focuses, priorities and agendas on various issues, including foreign policy."

Iran's chief negotiator continued: "In the field of negotiations, we tried from the very beginning to be able to find all the capacities that can directly or indirectly affect the dialogue process, both in terms of content, such as relevant bodies, including economic bodies and other related areas."
Bagheri Kani said: "In interaction with the relevant bodies related to economic discussions, the main priority of this round of talks was the lifting of illegal and oppressive sanctions, we had a continuous relationship with the representatives of these bodies for several months and their opinions, views, priorities and sensitivities. We inquired about the lifting of sanctions and drafted them in the form of documents that can be presented to the other side to reach a lasting agreement desired by our people."

He added: "At the end of 6th round of talks, we had several unresolved issues, both in terms of lifting sanctions and nuclear measures, which in this round, if issues are not resolved, will be added to the previous issues and those issues will become the focus of our talks with the other side. It will shape the negotiations that we will enter at this stage in the upcoming days."

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Bagheri Kani also answered the question of whether it is possible to reach an agreement: "The Iranian negotiating team first came to Vienna having the upper hand and categorized, summarized and prioritized their views on the various issues that are being discussed and will present some of them and some in the coming days as required by the dialogue process."

The senior negotiator of Iran continued: "The second point is that we have observed frameworks in the negotiations that are the basis for reaching an agreement, especially to build our positions and views based on the agreement that both parties want, the agreement of 2015."

He added: "This agreement and negotiation also has another side, their view, priority and approach and their seriousness and readiness would determine whether the negotiations succeed and whether we reach an agreement more quickly. As far as the Iranian side is concerned, I am optimistic about reaching an agreement, but given the unpleasant record that our people have on the other side, we will certainly not be naive."


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