Geneva (IP) - The head of the Iranian delegation at the 148th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Geneva said that the Iranian delegation protested the overt genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and condemned this crime once again.

Iran Press/ Europe: "Mojtaba Rezakhah" stated in an exclusive interview with an Iran Press correspondent in Geneva, what is happening now in the Gaza Strip is a matter beyond genocide, where more than 32 thousand people have been massacred, most of them women and children.

The head of the Iranian parliamentary delegation added that the positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding Palestine and Gaza were welcomed by the participants at the meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and these positions were also seen in the speeches of the representatives of other countries.

Rezakhah also stated that there was no agenda provided for supporting the Palestinian people and preventing the genocide of the people of Gaza in the International Peace and Security Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, which was later placed on the agenda of this committee with the insistence of Iran and the support of other Arab and Islamic countries.

The head of Iran's parliamentary delegation emphasized that with Iran's follow-up, a draft resolution on the condemnation of the Israeli regime's crimes against the Palestinian people will be prepared to be examined at the next meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

The 148th assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union continues until today (Wednesday) in Geneva, and the Iranian delegation gave a speech at this meeting on Tuesday evening.


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