The Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance met with the Lebanese Minister of Communication and Information, Ziad Makari, in Beirut.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili traveled to Istanbul yesterday to participate in the emergency meeting of information ministers of the Islamic Cooperation countries.

Today, on Saturday, March 5th, in a meeting with the Minister of Communications and Information of Lebanon, Ziad Makary, the Iranian Minister said: "The two sides enjoy a good status of relationship and most of the bilateral relationship is maintained by the Iranian Ministry of Culture."

He added: The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in the Islamic Republic is active in the fields of culture, art and media, the fields of art. Also, religion, the field of information, and books in the government are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

In this meeting, the two side's cultural exchange and joint interaction were emphasized, and the ministers of Iran and Lebanon condemned the actions of the Zionist regime in killing media journalists, including Lebanese journalists. 

Three citizens, two journalists and one civilian were killed in the bombing of the Zionist regime in the triangle of Tayr Harfa-Al-Jebin in November. Journalist Farah Omar and photojournalist Rabi Al-Mamari were killed in the Zionist attack in southern Lebanon. 219

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