The Islamic Republic of Iran has criticized the interventionist positions of some European countries and officials following the execution of one of the ringleaders of the recent riots.

Iran Press/Iran news: In response to the interventionist tweets of some European countries and authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran asked these countries to stop hosting, supporting, and encouraging terrorists.

The ministry tweeted, “In countering riots, Iran has shown utmost restraint and unlike many Western regimes who smear and violently crackdown even the peaceful protesters, Iran has employed proportionate and standard anti-riot methods.”
“The same is true for the judicial process: restraint and proportionality,” added the tweet.

The statement stressed, “Public security is a redline.”
“Armed assault and vandalism are not tolerable, even to Western regimes who have found an opportunity to hypocritically lecture Iran.”

“Instead of exposing its mendacity by the politicized statement, West must stop hosting, backing and encouraging terrorists.”


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