Iran's ambassador to Republic of Azerbaijan said the relations between Tehran and Baku are in good condition.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's ambassador to Republic of Azerbaijan, Abbas Mousavi In a meeting with Republic of Azerbaijan's ambassador to Tehran, Ali Alizadeh, said that bilateral negotiations resolved the recent tensions between the two sides.

Mousavi noted: The two nations benefit from the mutual ties, so many meetings are underway mainly in economic fields. 

As neighbors, the two countries are eager to deepen their relationships, Abass Mousavi, Iran's ambassador to Azerbaijan, stressed. 

Ali Alizadeh, Republic of Azerbaijan's Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran, also said that economic ties between Tehran-Baku must be strengthened. 

According to Alizadeh, over 150 bilateral agreements had been inked between the two countries, mostly economic.

Iran is our old friend and neighbor, so everything is provided for Iranian companies in the energy field to work in Azerbaijan Republic, Alizadeh noted.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, negotiations are still underway with Iran, and the two sides have signed a memorandum of understanding to finance and construct a bridge on AstaraChai jointly, said the Republic of Azerbaijan's ambassador to Tehran.

He said Republic of Azerbaijan has sought to expand its economic and trade ties with Iran. The meeting on cementing relations between Iran and Azerbaijan was held on Dec.10, in which Abbas Mousavi, Iran's ambassador to Azerbaijan, and Ali Alizadeh, Azerbaijan's ambassador to Tehran, and some Iranian Parliamentarians attended.


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