IP- The Republic of Azerbaijan's Foreign Minister said that friendly relations with all countries, especially with close and neighboring countries like Iran, would develop in a very positive sense.

Iran PressAsia: Jeyhun Bayramov, the Republic of Azerbaijan's Foreign Minister, also noted that the two countries must look at the issues realistically. Any two neighbors, especially countries with very close relations, may disagree on various topics.

Bayramov added: "Even if there are differences of opinion, we favor finding solutions by discussing them within the framework of neighborly relations."

"In recent weeks, I have had telephone conversations with my Iranian counterpart and formal and informal consultations through diplomatic channels. I am confident that the Iranian-Azerbaijani relations, as always, will continue to develop in a very positive way. There are so many links that unite us as two close neighbors. We can implement joint projects for the benefit of our peoples and states," he reassured.


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