Islamabad (IP) - Officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan signed 8 joint cooperation documents in various fields in the presence of the President of Iran and the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Iran Press/Asia: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi stated that his visit was done at the invitation of the President of Pakistan and that several talks have been held since this morning with the authorities of the country, and expressed the will of the two countries to develop relations in all political, economic, commercial, science and technology and cultural fields.

"We hope that after this trip, we will witness the growth and development of relations between the two countries," he said addressing a meeting with Pakistani elites.

He pointed out that the Islamic of Iran raised the banner of love for God and justice, and all the people who were fed up with unjust oppression all over the world, became fond of the army that raised the banner of fighting against oppression and colonialism and the great goal of defending truth and justice.

A large number of representatives of the National Assembly and Senate of Pakistan, former ministers, and advisers of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, heads of Shia and Sunni religious groups, and officials of some states of Pakistan were present at this meeting. 204

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