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Tehran (IP) - Iran's health minister said that Iran and Nicaragua are forming a special working group in the health and will soon sign cooperation documents in the field.

Iran PressIran News: Iran's Minister of Health, Bahram Eynollahi, in a meeting with his Nicaraguan counterpart, Martha Reyes, said: "The people of our country feel very close to the people of Nicaragua, and these two countries have a lot in common, the main of which is the history of revolution against arrogance."

While appreciating Nicaragua for supporting Iran in opposing the anti-Iranian action in the Human Rights and Women's Commission, he said: "Iran also supports Nicaragua, especially against the United States."

The official added: "The recent sanctions became an opportunity for us to stand on our own feet and achieve self-sufficiency in medicine and equipment."

He also emphasized that, as the first license to consume Iran Barakt was issued by Nicaragua, we should remove the borders of the two countries and provide opportunities for the cooperation of the scientists of the two countries.

Martha Reyes, the Minister of Health of Nicaragua, in the meeting said: "The common point of the two countries is that we both work for the health of the people. Despite the sanctions, we are looking for progress and our priority is to recover rights in the field of health and hygiene."

He added: "Since 2007, we have been seeking to improve health on a family basis. We determined 1,500 areas, each of which has a doctor and two paramedics, serving 5,000 people in urban areas and 3,000 people in rural areas."

The Minister of Health of Nicaragua added: "Our nation has financial needs, but with the existing facilities, it works effectively in improving the health of the society, and this year we will do more with the same limited resources."


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