Algiers (IP): The oil ministers of Iran and Iraq discussed boosting cooperation in the field of integrated development of joint fields, trade of gas and oil products, payment methods, and infrastructure development for product trade.

Iran PressAfrica: According to Iran Press, Javad Owji and Hayan Abdul Ghani Abdul Zahra discussed and exchanged opinions on the oil relations of the two countries on the sidelines of the extraordinary ministerial meeting for the 7th Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries (GECF) in Algeria.

In this meeting, the issue of gas trade, its payment methods, oil products trade, and completing the infrastructure of the two countries for the development of product trade were also discussed.

The integrated development of the joint fields was also one of the topics of the bilateral negotiations between the oil ministers of the two countries, and in the end, it was decided that one or two joint fields with a smaller reserve volume would be selected for the beginning and gradually the integrated development of the larger and main joint fields of the two countries would be put on the agenda.

In this meeting, Owji and Abdul Ghani also discussed cooperation in the field of collecting flare gases, performing drilling services in the oil sector, and creating some infrastructure such as pipelines by powerful Iranian companies in Iraq, and agreements were reached in this regard.

Iran's oil Minister also met his  Angolan and Venezuelan counterparts separately on the sidelines of the 7th Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries (GECF) in Algeria.

Jawad Owji in a meeting with his African counterpart said that Iran would be ready to export technical and engineering services to Angola.

Furthermore, in his meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart, The two sides urged boosting bilateral ties in the oil industry. 204

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