Quito (IP)- Iran's Assistant to the Foreign Minister and Director-General for Americas, met with Ecuador’s deputy foreign ministers to discuss strengthening mutual ties, particularly in trade and economic fields.

Iran PressAmerica: Issa Kameli, traveled to Ecuador as a special envoy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to attend the presidential inauguration ceremony.

During the visit, Kameli met and held discussions with two deputy officials responsible for regional and multilateral affairs at Ecuador's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The meeting encompassed a review of the current state of bilateral relations. Considering Ecuador's non-permanent membership in the Security Council, the discussions centered around exchanging consultations, especially regarding the regional developments, the ongoing Gaza crisis, and the critical importance of halting the killings and crimes against Gazans. Additionally, various other crucial international matters were discussed.

The Ecuadorian side expressed support for an immediate ceasefire and the provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza.


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