Islamabad (IP)- The Head of the Mili Yakjehti Council (the alliance of all religious parties) Abul Khair Mohammed Zubair paid tribute to Imam Khomeini, calling him the man of the century.

Iran Press/Asia: While talking to Iran Press on the threshold of Imam Khomeini's demise anniversary, Abul Khair Mohammed Zubair said that Imam Khomeini is a man who has gained such a feat in this age which is unbelievable, no one could have imagined that the Islamic Revolution could also take place in reality.

He said: "The anti-Islamic elements and the world powers do not even like to mention the name of Islam in any country, they do not even care that someone raises the Islamic slogan, they could not even think that the whole country will be enlightened by the Islamic Revolution and this is the amazing achievement of the century that Imam Khomeini has accomplished. This was possible only because Imam Khomeini himself stated that in his view there is no Shia or Sunni, all are Muslims, and if the spirit of Islam is created within us and the differences end, then an Islamic Revolution can come in every country."

Abul Khair Mohammed Zubair further noted that it was a conspiracy of Jews and their companions to disperse and weaken the Muslims by making them fight each other. Yes, when they unite, they will fight the enemy, then as the Islamic Revolution won in Iran, it will also happen in other countries. 

"Imam Khomeini also has conveyed the message that you should establish an Islamic Revolution in your countries and this is the guarantee of development and peace and order, the solution to all the problems of the countries is the Islamic system, it is possible only when people from all walks of life will unite and raise their voice for Islam from one platform," he added. 219