Hezbollah has described the operation dubbed 'al-Aqsa Flood' as a precursor to Israel's downfall. This statement was made by Hezbollah's Deputy Secretary-General, Sheikh Naim Qassem, during a gathering to observe Muharram in Beirut.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Sheikh Qassem characterized the event as "an earthquake," positioning it as a catalyst that will be “a prelude to Israel’s destruction.” 

“These acts of sacrifice and bravery will change the equation,” Sheikh Qassem noted. The operation, which took place on October 7, saw Palestinian resistance groups penetrate Israeli-occupied areas, resulting in the capture of numerous individuals.

Afterward, the Israeli military launched extensive operations that resulted in the death of at least 38,000 Palestinians. Despite this, Palestinian groups in Gaza have pledged to persist in their resistance, utilizing all available resources. Reports indicate significant Israeli military casualties since the conflict's onset.

Following the US-Israeli genocide in Gaza, Hezbollah, alongside groups from Yemen and Iraq, initiated numerous operations in solidarity with Gaza, targeting critical locations within Israeli territories and impacting maritime activities linked to Israel.

Sheikh Qassem further noted that these efforts are not only acts of resistance but are also steps toward achieving justice. He declared the Israeli government's downfall as inevitable and labeled any form of support for Israel, either explicit or implicit, as complicity in oppression.

The genocide in Gaza has seen substantial backing for Israel from its traditional allies, including significant military and intelligence support, notably from the United States.