The Palestinian Islamist Movement (Hamas), its ally the Islamic Jihad group welcomed a U.N. Security Council resolution offering a proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Iran PressAmerica: Just since October 7 and the Israeli regime's all-out war on Gaza, more than 36,650 Palestinians have been killed and over 83,300 others have been wounded, during the regime's occupation of Palestine for more than 75 years.

The UN Security Council passed on Monday (June 10) afternoon a US resolution that welcomes a ceasefire proposal announced by President Joe Biden that the United States says Israel has accepted. It calls on Hamas to accept the three-phase plan.

Out of the 15 members, Russia abstained from the vote, while the remaining 14 council members voted in favour. The US had finalised its text on Sunday after six days of negotiations among council members.

Hamas earlier on Monday said it was only willing to accept a deal that would secure an end to the war in Gaza while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was determined to pursue war against Hamas. 219