Hamas: In case of ground attack on Gaza, Israel will be trapped

The head of Hamas’ political bureau announced that any ground operation by the Israeli regime in Gaza would turn into a trap for the regime’s army.

Iran PressMiddle East: However, the spokesperson of the Israeli regime’s Army said on Friday that the Israeli troops had not yet entered Gaza; they were commanded to get prepared.  

In an interview with Russia Today, Khaled Mashal said the Israeli army experienced ground-based military operations in the past and saw how the operations end to their detriment.

Concerning the weapons used by Hamas, Mashal said the arms were made in Gaza, and no missile came into the city from outside. 

He noted that the Palestinian people want freedom. He would not give up until they achieve it, adding that the extension of resistance was not subjected to any regional or international side. Yet, he expressed hope that everyone would join the battle against the Israeli regime.

As with Hamas’ relations with Iran, he said that these relations were excellent, pointing out that Tehran supported the right of Palestine and said: “We do not interfere in the internal affairs of countries and we are not part of their agendas in other fields.”


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