Lahore (IP)-In order to express solidarity with Palestinians, the grand Gaza March was organized in Pakistan's Lahore.

Iran PressAsia: Addressing the participants, the speakers strongly criticized the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) and they said the cowardly rulers presented a dead resolution and gave the Zionists a license for more terrorism. Siraj ul Haq, the head of Jamat e Islami said that silence of world is an act of crime, the heads of Islamic states are neglecting a bitter truth with their eyes closed.

Allama Agha Jawad Naqvi, head of Tehreek Bidari Umm Mustafa, said that those who say that if Hamas had not attacked Israel, there would not have been a massacre of Palestinians, why are the 500,000 people who were killed in Palestine invisible to anyone and the Muslims who are not raising their voices are Muslim Zionists.

Addressing the Gaza March, Hamas leader Dr. Nawaf Takroori and others said that Palestine will be freed by the leadership of Tipu Sultan and Salahuddin Ayubi, not by Muslim Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq.Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami announced a million march of children at ten in the morning in Islamabad on November 23 and also gave a check of 21 million rupees to Palestinians on behalf of Jamaat-e-Islami.

On Saturday, October 7, 2023, the Palestinian resistance forces launched a surprise operation called Al-Aqsa Storm against Israeli positions, and in a retaliation attack, the Israeli regime closed all the crossings of the Gaza strip and started bombarding this area.


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