Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi has rejected the anti-Iran comments made by a top Saudi diplomat, saying terrorism has its roots in the ideology promoted and sponsored by the regime in Riyadh.

Iran Press/Iran news: According to the official website of Iran's foreign ministry, Ghasemi made the comment in reaction to earlier remarks by Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir at the UN General Assembly where he rehashed baseless allegations against Iran.

Ghasemi added: "Incontrovertibly, Saudi Arabia is the most notorious supporter of terrorism in the world, and the terrorism that has engulfed the whole world, especially the Middle East, today is rooted in Saudi Arabia and the extremist ideologies promoted and sponsored by this regime."

Ghasemi rejected the Saudi foreign minister's claims. He added: "Adel al-Jubeir proudly announces his country's support for [US President Donald] Trump's strategy of countering multilateralism and ruining international agreements and contracts, and this is not strange because his country (Saudi Arabia) is among the key supporters of the camp affiliated with Trump and United States."

The foreign minister spokesman said the Saudi camp, in cahoots with the Zionist regime and the United Arab Emirates and by spending millions, or maybe billions of dollars, try to steer the United States foreign policy in the path they desire, that is the path of war and instability.

Ghasemi then touched upon Saudi Arabia leading a military coalition that has exposed a Muslim country in the Middle East (Yemen) to an unprecedented catastrophe for five years now.

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"That the foreign minister of an aggressor country, which is to blame for the destruction of Yemen and the heinous human catastrophe there, hijacks the forum of the UN, whose charter is based on international peace and security, and that he fuels the flames of extremism, animosity, violence and warmongering, are rooted in the ideology based on which he and the House of Salman have been reared," Ghasemi said.

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