Iran's Parliament Speaker in the meeting of BRICS heads of parliaments emphasized that the parliaments of the member countries of this group play a vital role in the success of BRICS, and they can adopt facilitation laws for the development of trade and remove legal obstacles to the expansion of trade cooperation to move away from unilateralism.

Iran Press/Europe: The speaker of the Islamic Republic’s parliament, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf at the meeting of the 10th BRICS Parliamentary Forum said: "Iran views maintaining and boosting relations with BRICS member countries as a priority."

"Iran and the republic’s parliament understand that supporting and strengthening relations with BRICS member countries, including this grouping’s development, is of paramount importance to them," he emphasized.

Also, Iran is ready to work jointly with BRICS member countries toward attaining common goals, Ghalibaf said, and events like the BRICS Parliamentary Forum help propel such cooperation, he added.

In his speech, the head of Iran's Parliament said: "The presence of new countries and the growing trend of countries' willingness to join this multilateral international organization indicate its importance in international relations as well as the consolidation of its position in the world political stage."

Ghalibaf added: "The current world system has not been able to take fruitful measures in the field of resolving regional and international disputes, ending wars, conflicts and inequalities, and based on this, new collective economic and political capacities are being formed within the framework of multilateral organizations which intends to spread global governance based on the principle of multilateralism."

He emphasized: "In this regard, our usual position is the need to pay attention to a multilateral system. Based on this attitude, the Iranian government, with strong determination, wants beneficial cooperation among the members to reach a practical realization of the lofty goals of BRICS."

Ghalibaf added: "BRICS member countries should seek to play a greater and more effective role in the global value chain. I believe that the economies of the BRICS member countries complement and reinforce each other with multiple capacities in different and strategic fields, and this is a valuable capacity for the mutual development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation."

Ghalibaf stated: "Among the important measures followed in BRICS is de-dollarization and the use of alternative currencies for trade among members, which will cut off one of the main levers of US pressure on emerging economies. The recent financial agreement between Iran and Russia is one of the successful examples of cooperation for de-dollarization of bilateral relations."

Iran's Parliament Speaker said: "Expanding cooperation in determining money transfer processes between member countries as well as developing trade corridors for the transfer of goods and services of BRICS members are among the important capacities that must be pursued and activated by the member assemblies. The four main axes of transit, energy, trade and banking are among the most important issues of cooperation among BRICS members. The Iranian parliament and the new government of Iran are fully prepared to cooperate with their partners in all these areas." 219

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